Políticas Públicas En El Sector Suministro De Energía E Indicadores Energéticos Del Desarrollo Sostenible En Latinoamérica

Translated title of the contribution: Public Policies in the Energy Supply Sector and Energy Indicators of Sustainable Development in Latin America

Research output: Contribution to journalArticle


The public policies (PP) established by Latin American governments in the energy supply sector are determining factors in the control of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions. The objective of this research is to determine which are the PPs of the energy supply sector adopted in Latin America, as well as to link the PPs used in the region to the Sustainable Development Energy Indicators (SDI). The methodology used has the following characteristics: the source of data collection is documentary and the population addressed are Latin American countries. The results show that the PPs most frequently present among the countries are the "increased participation of renewable energies", "promotion and increase of energy eficiencia" and "diversificación of the energy matrix". Subsequently, the PPs were linked to the IEDS, which allows an association of both, being necessary for analysis or determination of eficiencias in subsequent research. Among the conclusions is that most Latin American countries are moving forward or at least making attempts to generate "green energy", which contributes to the control of GHG emissions from important sector.
Original languageSpanish (Ecuador)
Issue number41
StatePublished - 20 Jan 2019


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